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Violin & Viola Lessons in Valencia, Santa Clarita

Enroll in private violin and viola lessons at Vibe Performing Arts! Learn to read music, master scales and technique, and play well known repertoire taught by one of our professional violin instructors!

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Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin

Beautiful Melodies

String instruments such as the violin are not only prominent musical voices in orchestral and symphonic styles, but appear in folk, country, bluegrass, jazz, and rock as well! Orchestral doesn't always equate to classical music either. Many famous film and TV scores such as Star Wars are played by an orchestra!

Image by Samuel  Sianipar

Largest Section In The Orchestra

Out of the four main that groups that make up an ensemble, the strings are easily the largest and one of the most prominent.

String Quartet

Different Voices

There are four different types of instruments that make up the string family: the violin, the smallest highest pitched the viola the cello and the bass, the largest and lowest pitched. We currently have teachers of all types with the exception of the bass!

Violin/Viola Teachers

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