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Homeschool Classes

Winter Classes / Jan 2024
Spring Classes / Mar 2024
Vibe Instrument Group Classes

Vibe Homeschool Group Classes Include:

Musical Theatre Production

Join Vibe for a great Musical Theatre experience while building self esteem and working with others. Sing, dance, & act in costume and perform with musicians.  

Kids Sing

Vocal and stage techniques, microphones, and more – no experience is necessary! Sessions include a performance with both solo and group numbers. Positive feedback from instructor and class members helps ease the fear of singing in front of others.


Keyboard 1

Learn To Read Music And Play Your Favorites! Approx. $15 of learning materials will need to be purchased. Keyboards are provided In class, and are available for rent, ($19/Mo) or purchase for home practice (supplies limited).


Learn The Basics, Chord Structure, Strumming Skills, Scales, and More. Approx. $15 of learning materials will need to be purchased. Guitars required and are available for rent ($19/Mo) or purchase (supplies limited). 


Learn Technique, Basic Reading, Rudiments and More. Learning materials may need to be purchased. Class materials will need to be purchased including drum sticks 

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