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Sing With Confidence

Sing With Confidence Books and Voice Exercises by Andrea Vibe
These offer quick and easy tips for singing. Get your copies for
$24.95 plus tax if applicable! Shipping and handling included. 

Sing With Confidence For Kids

Do you love to sing?  Most kids do. When we sing, we all experience different emotions. You might feel happy, sad, scared, shy or mad. Singing is a way of expressing what’s inside and telling the world how we feel. No matter what emotion we might feel, singing helps us feel better. Whether you are singing for fun or in a performance or competition, alone or with a group, a few helpful hints can improve your technique and help you enjoy the experience.



Sing With Confidence For Teens/Adults

Without a doubt, singing is hard work. A great singer has to create a beautiful voice, perfecting a combination of notes, rhythm, and resonance. Then a singer must touch the listener’s heart. Good vocal technique is important. But equally important is the psychological process. Successful singers need the whole package. When you work to achieve the whole package and sing with confidence- you will certainly shine!


Sing With Confidence / Free Voice Exercises For Kids


Sing With Confidence / Free Voice Exercises For Teens/Adults

Recorded Memories

You or your child will love singing in a professional recording studio. The process is quick and simple and the recordings make wonderful gifts!

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