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Video testimonials by Karli Webster (contestant on The Voice), Ivy and Brandy (Vibe family members for over 16 years. 

More testimonials by Vibe family members.

"A few years ago, my daughter was asked by one of her friends to join her at a week long Summer camp at Vibe Performing Arts and we are so glad she did!  My daughter had an amazing time during the camp and connected with the instructor so much so, that she has invited her to school functions that involve performing arts!  We continue now with group classes for both singing and acting, along with private lessons to further advance her skill. We are pleased with the tools she has been taught so far and look forward to watching her grow in her creativity and ability!  Thank you VIBE for everything!!!!"


Dawnel DeRubeis
Mrs. California 2017
Mrs. USA 2018




"My name is Wendy Wolfe and I wanted to share our experience with Vibe Performing Arts.  My son showed interest in learning how to act and the craft and production involved. I went online and found a few schools in the valley.  We had checked out a local school prior to Vibe. I had an uneasy feeling with it. It seemed like I was being sold a golden ticket to fame and fortune.  We were looking to learn, not to be discovered on day 1 with empty promises. It did't feel like a good fit at all.

We then looked into Vibe after a friend had referred us after hearing my frustrations with our first experience.  We walked in- was greeted with a warm smile and genuine interest of how we could be helped. It felt like home- like we were talking with a friend...not being sold a vacuum cleaner.  We were shown around and had all of the classes and programs explained to us. We could not believe the level instructors we have right in our own backyard. To have Susan Olsen and Tracy Gold teach our children was overwhelming in the best way.  I knew we had found our school. We enrolled Landon that day. Susan was his instructor for the Spring Session. I know I may be bias. But when I saw my son perform, for the first time ever, I was in shock- I had tears. He is shy, quiet, and reserved.  He got on that stage and with a snap of a slate he transformed into a confident, funny, outgoing performer! It was magic! I will forever remember that moment as a pivotal time in his life. He was so proud!

We heard the feedback from the staff and Susan, and were told to expect big things.  I just figured that's what people say- but, we received a call from the agent visiting the showcase that she wanted to represent him.  An agent. What?!? He now has an agent. He has head shots. Never in his wildest dreams did he think this would be his reality.


But that is what is so wonderful about Vibe.  They want you to dream big and help you to realize your potential and give you the tools to reach those dreams.  I am so grateful for this opportunity, to be a part of this family, and to have the love and support of a performing arts center that really cares.  Thank you so much. We are so excited to continue Landon's artistic education.

Summer Camp has been phenomenal and he is so excited for Voice Over session in the fall as well as continuing acting classes with all of the instructors.  

Thank you Andrea, Thank you Susan, Thank you Summer and all of the smiling faces at Vibe!"


Wendy Wolfe, Landon Wolfe's mother

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