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Piano Lessons in Valencia, Santa Clarita

Enroll in private piano lessons at Vibe Performing Arts! Learn to read music, master scales and chords, and play well known piano repertoire taught by one of our professional piano instructors!

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Group Piano Class

Piano Group Class

Fall Classes / Sept 2024

Our team of experienced instructors tailor each lesson to suit your skill level and musical interests. Vibe Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a fun, welcoming and supportive environment to those who wish to become the artist that's inside all of us. Click the links above to sign up or contact us here!

Unlock Your Musical Potential!

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Piano students will learn how to:

  • Access all the notes on the keyboard using scales

  • Develop coordination between your right and left hands

  • Use their ears to reproduce melodies and chord progressions

  • Refine playing technique

  • Play their favorite songs or learn well known piano repertoire suggested by their teacher

Piano Keys

A Great Intro To Music

The piano is usually regarded as one of the most popular instruments to learn and the most universal. It's both a great way for beginners to learn music theory and it's versatility stretches across nearly every style of music out there.


A Library Of Sounds Across Many Styles

Keyboard instruments come in a variety of different forms, including the acoustic piano, organ, and electronic keyboards like synthesizers. In most cases, by learning one you're essentially learning them all since the notes are set up and played the same across all variations.

Music Notes

Writing and Composing

Songwriters and composers often prefer to use a piano when writing thanks to its range and versatility as an instrument. It allows them to hear and experiment with different chords, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms with ease.


Do You Provide Pianos For Students To Use?

Yes, students who take piano lessons and classes in person are provided a piano/keyboard. The private lesson rooms in our school come with their own acoustic piano for students, and the keyboard group classes provide each student with their own electronic keyboard to use at the school.

Piano & Keyboard Teachers



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