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Brass Lessons in Valencia, Santa Clarita

Enroll in private brass lessons at Vibe Performing Arts! Learn to play trumpet or trombone by one our professional brass instructors!

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Music Class

Wind Instruments

Brass and woodwinds are the two instrument families that create sound by blowing air through a mouthpiece. Woodwind players use air to vibrate a wooden reed, whereas brass players use air to vibrate their lips, a buzzing sound against a metal mouthpiece.

Trumpet Player

Accompanies Many Different Genres

The majority of young brass and woodwind musicians start out in school concert/symphonic band, but these instruments can be heard in many different styles of music as melody makers and soloists. Jazz, funk, pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop to name a few.

Trumpet players in orchestra

Group or Solo

Orchestras and big bands are great examples of the capabilities of these instruments as an entire brass/woodwind section. Jazz combos and ska bands are great examples of these instruments as solo accompaniment to smaller music groups with guitars, drums, and vocalists.

Brass Teachers



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