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Drum Lessons in Valencia, Santa Clarita

Enroll in private drum lessons at Vibe Performing Arts! Learn to read music, master rudiments, play different types of grooves and well known repertoire taught by one of our professional drum instructors!

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Drum Group Class

Fall Classes / Sept 2024

Our team of experienced instructors tailor each lesson to suit your skill level and musical interests. Vibe Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a fun, welcoming and supportive environment to those who wish to become the artist that's inside all of us. Click the links above to sign up or contact us here!

Explore the Art and Science of Drumming! 

Image by Osarugue Igbinoba

At Vibe Performing Arts in Santa Clarita, the aim of our drum lessons is for students to learn to play music first. Through that, they will gain a balance of core drumming fundamentals/techniques along with a repertoire of songs, styles, and drum vocabulary.


The songs and exercises assigned for them to practice will cater to the style they want to learn or will be based upon the teacher's suggestion. Weekly communication about the content of each lesson and the student's progress will conclude each visit.

Drum students will learn how to:

  • Use fundamental techniques for proper grip, striking motions, and limb coordination

  • Read music/drum notation

  • Practice essential rudiments

  • Learn the unique rhythms and drumming of different styles of music

  • Prepare the drum parts to your favorite songs or required pieces for your band/ensemble

The "Heartbeat" Of Music

Drums lay down the foundation for many styles of music. Through grooves and steady time-keeping, students will learn to create the pulse of music, the heartbeat that hits people in their chest and makes them get up and move their feet.

Explosive Power

Drums and percussion serve to emphasize and embellish the notes that other instruments play. This can include ensemble hits with set ups in a jazz big band, percussive accents in orchestras and symphonic bands, or cymbal crashes in a stadium rock band.

The Language of the Drums

Students will learn the significant drumming "vocabulary" of today derived from famous songs, historical recordings, and the essential rudiments that drummers everywhere use and innovate with to this day!


Do I Need To Own A Drum Set To Take Lessons?

Our school provides drum sets to be used in lessons and group sessions, so owning a drum set is not required but is recommended in order for your student to practice their material in between each lesson throughout the week.


A drum student will be required to bring with them a pair of sticks and any books recommended to them by their teacher.

What Should I Have To Practice At Home?

An acoustic or electronic drum kit is the most ideal option for any student, but we understand that starting out with an entire kit can be a big investment for beginner students, so there are other options.


Rubber practice pads are a great alternative to owning an entire kit because they are inexpensive, portable, quiet, and allow the student to play on a drum-able surface at home.

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