Musical Theatre


The Jungle Book!


Join us for a 12-week Musical Theatre production of The Jungle Book! Learn character development, voice and stage techniques, while performing in a musical production. Teens may have the option to work on stage and/or backstage learning stage production taking on leadership roles.



Thursdays, September 9th 

Ages 7 – 16 *Everyone is accepted in the ensemble!
12 weeks 

Show date: December 11th

In-person show times: 1 pm, 2:30pm, 4pm

Zoom show time: 2:30pm

* Hybrid Show; zoom and in-person, tickets will be sold

Cost: $300.00

Important:  Please click on the online payment button below.  After you submit your payment, you will be re-directed to the online enrollment form for the class. 


Thank You!

*One-Time $30 Registration Fee for NEW Students*

Las Vegas

Viva Vibe Vegas

Join us for Viva Vibe Vegas! Singers, comedians, magicians, instrumentalists, and more. Director Richard Allen is looking forward to turnings acts and ideas into something FABULOUS!

Everyone is accepted. Auditions/ideas are Saturday – 10/23

Ages 7 & up


Saturdays (no rehearsal 11/27)

In Person and Zoom Show: Sunday, Dec. 5th


Enroll in Production 

Cost: $300


Purchase Previous Show

Cost: $25