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Friday, June 28th

1 pm (in-person), 2:30 PM (Zoom or in-person), & 4 PM (in-person)

In-person show and Zoom TICKETS ARE $15

*Tickets are limited to 5 per student. Additional tickets will be waitlisted*

*tickets will be $20 day of shows if not sold out*

lOCATION: Vibe Performing Arts Theater 24460 ¼ Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita CA, 91321

*Please call 661-255-7464 to buy tickets or talk to a CSr at the front desk*

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Man Playing Guitar
Retro Microphone



Young Ballet Class
Fire Tricks
Film Set
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Vibe Performing Arts offers kids, teens and adults the best Performing Arts instruction!  Our amazing team teaches Private Lessons and Group Classes in Singing, Acting, Voice Over, Movie Making, Dance, Instruments, Musical Theatre, Bands and Magic.

Music Classes in Santa Clarita, CA

Are you interested in performing arts instruction including taking music, acting, magic, and dance lessons and classes to hone your skills? With an instrument or your voice, Vibe Performing Arts is your go-to source for personalized private lessons or group classes.

Singing, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin, Saxophone, and Ukulele Lessons

We're dedicated to helping you learn how to play an instrument or sing, giving you the power of music and expression. We aim to provide the best music , acting and dance instruction lessons in the area, helping you build your skills and confidence with classes or private teacher who tailors lessons to your needs.

Vibe Performing Arts School Offers Acting & Musical Theatre Classes Santa Clarita, CA

Whether If you're seeking acting classes in Santa Clarita, CA, or you need guitar classes, you can count on Vibe Performing Arts to give you the training necessary to hone your craft and become a better actor or musician. Our dedicated acting instructors are celebrities, school specializes in helping students learn the great art of acting to showcase their skills, whether on a stage or the silver screen. We also customize memorable birthday parties, entertainment and celebrations for all ages.

Vibe Performing Arts offers private instruction and group classes for many disciplines. Contact us to learn more about our lessons and classes.

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