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Bad Performance Experience? Here's 4 Tips To Help You Bounce Back

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Andrea Vibe

Music notes and treble clef on a staff

Bad experiences in front of any size crowd feel very uncomfortable - no matter how old you might be! Below are tips to help you bounce back whether you are singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or even speaking.

Tip #1: So You Made a Mistake

It's not how many mistakes you make, it's how you recover! Wrong notes or forgetting words happen. Just find your place quickly - don't stop or show it in your face or body.

Tip #2: Brush It Off

Brush it off - it's normal! Nobody is perfect. Take your experience and use it to improve future performances. If you forgot a word or note, study your music before the next show or come up with a game that helps you remember what you missed. But don't let your mistake overwhelm you.

Tip #3: Turn Negative into Positive

Review your performance, remembering what you did right and fixing anything that you might like to do better. Keep in mind that the majority of all the notes you'll sing will be right and most audiences will leave happy and entertained!

Tip #4: Talk to Your Teacher About Any Negative Experiences

Talk about your experience and anything you are struggling with with your instructor. They are in the best position to help you work through any difficult spots.

Why not work to build these tools in your or your children's live? The success of education depends upon cooperation between teacher, student, and parent. VIBE Performing Arts endeavors help all students experience excitement and dedication necessary to help them succeed in life as well as on stage. Call 661-255-7464 or visit for more information.

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