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Build Confidence In The Performing Arts!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Andrea Vibe

Children playing musical instruments

It is a fact that children in Performing Arts maintain better academic results. Additionally, Performing Arts at any age builds self-esteem and confidence which are

valuable tools needed to face any life challenge.

Whether pursuing careers or just for fun, tools learned can be used throughout our lives. Regardless of abilities, VIBE instructors strive to build a warm and supportive environment. Sure, setbacks can happen. But how students are taught to work through these setbacks is what makes a difference. SET BACKS are SET UPS for COME BACKS!

Marching band

Self-Esteem and confidence is a passport to a life of mental health and social

happiness. How you feel about yourself affects how you act. With proper training,

students develop a love for the arts and build self-esteem and confidence that will be

rewarding, resulting in confident job interviews and speaking in front of a group.

After a singer performs in group classes I instruct, positive feedback from the class is

solicited. Constructive criticism is essential for improvement, but most focus on what is

wrong and not what is right.

A good exercise is to video your performance. Review it and instead of looking for things that need to improve, focus on looking for areas that were positive. This is not easy to do but if positive aspects of your performance are sought after, most feel encouraged (even beginners)! If self-esteem is fostered, confidence improves and overall improvement is inevitable.

A performance of a play

Why not work to build these tools in your and your children’s lives? The success of

education depends upon cooperation between teacher, student, and parent. VIBE

Performing Arts endeavors to help all students experience excitement and dedication

necessary to help them succeed in life as well as on stage. Call 661-255-7464 or visit for more information.

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