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Acting, Movie-Making, & VO

Spring Classes / Mar 2023
Summer Classes / June 2023
VIBE Group Acting Classes

VIBE Group Acting Classes are designed for all levels. Celebrity Instructors Susan Olsen (The Brady Bunch), Tracey Gold (Growing Pains) and Joe Nieves (Disney Channel's Stuck In The Middle) have the knowledge and experience to offer the most beneficial instruction and coaching available! Showcases are often held.

Acting Classes – HAVE FUN learning about character development, improvisation, and self-confidence for theatre, film, and TV. Learn about Agents, managers, casting directors, and industry ups and downs too! Great class for those already auditioning or interested in working professionally.

Voice Over (VO) – Learn how to change your voice with various styles and techniques. Great class for those interested in auditioning for commercials, radio, animations, etc.

Movie-Making – Learn how to write a script, film with a GREEN SCREEN and create a mini-movie with Industry Professional Susan Olsen (The Brady Bunch, Gunsmoke & more)!


Vibe offers private instruction for our disciplines:  Check It Out!
Fall Classes / Sept 2023
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