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Guitar/Bass Lessons in Valencia, Santa Clarita

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At Vibe Performing Arts, the aim of our drum lessons is for students to learn to play music first. Through that, they will gain a balance of core drumming fundamentals/techniques along with a repertoire of songs, styles, and drum vocabulary. The songs and exercises assigned for them to practice will cater to the style they want to learn or will be based upon the teacher's suggestion. Weekly communication about the content of each lesson and the student's progress will conclude each visit.

Book of Chords

A Melodic Voice

Apart from the human voice, guitars will often carry the melody in many styles of popular music, such as rock, pop, R&B, and folk. A lead guitarist takes on this role by supplying not only memorable lead lines but solos as well.

Teenger Playing Guitar

Groove and Rhythm

Another important role of guitarists and bass guitarists is to provide support for the melodies in a music group. By combining chord changes with rhythm, they make those melodic voices shine brightly.


The Guitar "Heroes"

The history of guitar is rich with legends of the instrument and their impacts on so many different styles of music. From Jimmy Page to Wes Montgomery, students will learn from the masters of yesterday and today.


Should I Get An Electric Or Acoustic Guitar To Practice At Home?

Owning either an electric or acoustic guitar can depend mostly upon the style of music the student is interested in learning. Acoustic guitars can be the more affordable option due to not requiring an amplifier and cable, unlike electric guitars.

Electric guitars will be more suitable for most popular styles of music, such as rock, pop, jazz, and R&B. Acoustic guitars will be more suitable for folk, country and classical styles, as well as some rock and pop.

Guitar Teachers



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